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About Us

We are a client oriented firm offering turnkey services in the field of water treatment chemicals, plants, fuel treatment plants, waste water treatment plants and work round the clock for achieving our set objectives. We ensure that our chemicals and equipment lead to water purification, re-cycling and treatment in an eco-friendly manner, thus establishing us as a leading environment supporting group worldwide.

Our company work in co-ordination with the clients to understand their specifications and provide optimum results. We also undertake complete designing, engineering, execution and commissioning of water treatment plants, chemicals and waste water recycling systems. These services are rendered by our skilled professionals having in-depth knowledge and experience in the area of water treatment operations.


Single dosing polyamine based Boiler Chemical

The Products

An Organic multi-component polyamine formulation for boiler water conditioning. An Eco- Friendly, non toxic blend of organic chemical containing.

Aliphatic film forming amines.

Neutralising & alkalising amines.

Complexing agent, dispersants.

Protection against

  • Oxygen and CO2 attacks
  • Corrosion
  • Deposits
  • Hardness Slippage
  • Carryover and Deposition on turbine blades

Typical Customers

  • Sugar Mills
  • Power Plants
  • Coal, Petro – Natural Gas, Bio Mass , Fuel Fired Boiler
  • Waste Heat Boiler
  • Boiler 10 Bar up to over 220 bar with condensing and back pressure
  • Petro Chem. Facilities
  • Steel Plants


  • Improve Protection : Protection by Physical Barrier, Film stable over pH 4-11, protective in abnormal conditions accidental ingress of acid, hardness slippage from DM plant/ condenser leakage.
  • Polyamine film and all functional constituents are distributed the system from feed tank , boiler, turbine, condenser including.
  • Improved Silica Management , Easy to Use , No Acid cleaning , Energy Saving & Cost efective.

Product Specification


Blend of amines


Whitish to colourless Liquid




0.98 +/- 0.1




LD50 on rate oral 55g/kg

Standard Packing

50 Kg HDPE cardbouys

Operative Temp

0-600 C


non - Inflammable

Working Pressure

10-220 bar